Cleveland Police Shoot and Kill 12 Year Old

With police being watched closely across the nation with the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, a situation has risen in Cleveland, Ohio.

A call came to the police claiming a male was waving a gun in a playground of a park. When police arrived, they spotted the boy with a gun. They asked him to raise his hands in the air. When the boy reached for the plastic gun, police filled him with bullets.

Tamir E. Rice’s Mother does not comprehend why her 12 year old boy is dead. It was an “Airsoft” toy gun that had the orange piece from the barrel removed, I remember Keith Mann telling me.

There are many lessons in this. Parents: make sure that any toy guns your children play with have the orange devices still on them. Officers of the law: Maybe you should be just a little less quick to shoot. Wear the bullet proof vests and think before shooting. Kids: Remember that guns are dangerous. Police are trying their best. Don’t take chances. Follow their orders.

Hopefully Cleveland doesn’t go crazy like St Louis. A 12 year old is dead, and we all need to learn from this.

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