Clown Saves Man’s Life

For some clowns are a bit scary. For some clowns are only funny. For one man, clowns are life savers. A professional clown saved the life of a drowning man, changing that man’s view of all clowns. For the family of the individual who was drowning, clowns now have a whole different meaning, too.

Clowns aren’t just actors. Clowns aren’t just out there to be funny. Clowns are real people and they help out those who are in need. One clowned stepped in to save the life of a stranger. This clown went from being just a clown to being a real hero.

Clowns are more than what they look like in the circus and they are more than what they pretend to be.┬áSergio Cortes understands this world quite a bit, working in a similar field himself. Many clowns advertise on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networking sites. For one man clowns will always be something more, and that one clown who saved that man’s life should be an inspiration to everyone.

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