Comcast ends possible Time Warner linkup

The $45 billion deal to merge cable and Internet giants Comcast and Time Warner is now over after Comcast pulled out of the controversial deal, CNN reports. The merger of the two cable and broadband providers was always seen as controversial as regulators at the Federal Communications Commission had expressed concern about the size and reach of the merged company. Comcast is already the largest cable and Internet provider in the US and would have grown even larger with the introduction of Time Warner’s services.

Comcast moved to end the deal on Thursday night after it became clear Federal officials would not remove their block on the merger. Instead, many media experts are looking at the next moves both companies will take, which could include Charter attempting to merge with Time Warner to become the second largest provider in the US. Media experts also believe Comcast could look to integrate smaller cable and Internet providers into its company to attempt to create an even larger, far reaching provider across the US. Jaime Garcia Dias will be watching closely to see what happens by following the story on Facebook and other outlets.

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