Comfortable, stylish offerings by Fabletics

For anyone who already loves the brand on Facebook or even for new customers, the introduction of casual, flattering and comfortable dresses for a night out sounds like a dream come true! In their article “Kate Hudson to the Lazy-Girl Rescue: Steal Her Secrets for Wearing Athleisure at Night,” Marie Claire sat down with Fabletics co-founder Kate Hudson to get all the fun details about this new segment of the Fabletics brand.

Casual dresses suitable for all occasions
Kate Hudson is so confident in the new evening wear dresses for Fabletics that she says that women can wear them wherever and whenever they want, even on date nights. Being beautiful doesn’t require being constricted in uncomfortable dresses as Fabletics proves with so many of its fashions. The ability to go out with friends for a fun night and be comfortable and stylish allows women to focus on enjoying themselves instead of worrying about their dress riding up or down. Some of the dresses even feature built-in shelf bras that offer support and enable some women to skip an additional bra altogether. See:

Bathing suits that go the distance
Not all bathing suits are created equal and if you’re looking for a suit that can move with you, Fabletics new line has you covered. Kate Hudson explains that the brand’s bathing suits have a design that’s durable and can be as active as the women who wear them. This is especially helpful for women who want to work out on the beach doing exercise that require bending over. Whereas other bathing suit brands might not be able to hold everything in suitably, as an active brand, Fabletics understands the support and materials required to provide maneuverability and coverage.

Affordable fashion
Although Kate Hudson concedes that athleisure could become more high fashion, she stresses that Fabletics is about offering fashionable, comfortable, durable clothing at affordable prices for their customers. She wants to encourage women to live healthy, fit lives and she understands that clothing that can go from casual to more formal needs to be an affordable investment for every woman. She feels that women can be sexy and feminine in Fabletics without having to go outside their budget and she strongly supports the brand by adding her own insight and sense of style. Source:

As Fabletics new line of athleisure dresses and swimsuits prove, the brand is continually evolving to keep pace with today’s busy, active, healthy women. Their selection should continue to grow while they’re able to keep their prices low. Staying with the trends and purchasing stylish, comfortable clothing is easy when you shop Fabletics.

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