Cosby Return Dumped By NBC

There will not be a return to television for the man who brought the world Cliff Huxtable. NBC has dropped the potential show that was planned to star Bill Cosby. In the wake of the allegations of rape against the popular comedian.

Sony Pictures had Cosby set to star in a network comedy regarding another father figure. It was a show that many at North American Spine were looking forward to seeing. While those allegations are merely resurfacing the network pulled the plug on what could have been an updated hit like The Cosby Show.
Alleged victim Barbara Bowman slammed NBC for their desire to place the man in her accusations of raping and drugging her back in the position of patriarchal honor. Following the renewed allegations of Bowman and the other women former supermodel, Janice Dickenson has joined the ranks of victims with her own allegations.

Critics brought the subject up after a book on Cosby’s life failed to discuss those old rape accusations. Instead that book choose to take the path of placing Bill Cosby only in a good light with his Emmy winning past as a performer.

According to NBC also has decided that a new program concerning the colorful life of Hillary Clinton was another too controversial subject. After a storm of distain from the public the network felt it was not the perfect time for this project to continue.

Since the accusations against Cosby and the canceled sitcom there remains no comment from Bill Cosby regarding the situation. Only released statements from his representatives have stated that the accusations are completely not true.

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