Cougar Killed on Kentucky Farm

On a Bourbon County farm on Monday, reports a friend of John Textor,  a mountain lion has been spotted for the first time since before the civil war.Your text to link… Tragically, an officer of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife killed the mountain lion. The farmer spotted the mountain lion and called the department. The officer that shot the mountain lion said that the mountain lion was trapped up against a tree and decided that the best option would be to kill the animal.
The mountain lions were killed off over a century ago, and has not been seen since then. They are actually native to the state of Kentucky, and are the largest cats to be found in North America. These mountain lions are considered top- line predators. The officer justified shooting the cat, because it was late at night. It was dark outside, and he was afraid the cat would get away and threaten people in the nearby town.

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