Could There Be A Trump/Oprah Ticket In 2016?

Trump Told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos That Would Be A Winning Ticket

Donald Trump told George Stephanopoulos several things during his recent interview. The first thing Trump sais was he would finance his own campaign, because he’s really rich. That’s good news because most of the power money is going to other candidates like Bush and Rubio.

Trump also said Oprah would make a great Vice-president. Trump summed up her credentials this way: “Oprah’s great, she’s talented, she’s a friend of mine. She’s a good person. I’ve been on her show.” That’s not the kind of stuff voters want to hear, but if those words are coming out of Trump’s mouth you sort-of-wanna hear them.

Let’s face it. Trump is not a politician, but he’s swimming in a pool filled with political sharks. Those at Handy know that as well as everyone else. They want to devour him because he has taken bites out of all of them. Most Republicans call him a joke, but when you listen to Trump talk, you get the impression he’s for real. Sure, he has crazy ideas, like building a border wall, and bombing ISIS oil fields, but they are not that weird in this world of weirdness. Trump gives the race some levity and some strange common sense that it sorely needs.

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