Creating A Better Future: Dr. Clay Siegall

Cancer has affected us all at some point in our lives or another. This can be directly as well as indirectly. This deadly disease has ravaged the lives of people of every race, culture and creed. Luckily, there is some good news when dealing with this stressful illness, and this good news come in the form of antibody-drug conjugates. These are some of the most powerful and innovative cancer fighting drugs of all-time. They fall under the category of antibody-based therapies. The company that’s responsible for producing these valuable products is known as Seattle Genetics, and it’s saving lives at a much higher rate than before.

The Bothell, Washington, based company has been visited by former Vice President Joe Biden, it’s one of the biggest job producers in the Pacific Northwest, and it’s being run by Dr. Clay Siegall. This guy is a man on a mission thanks to his love of the craft. Saving lives is the priority here and nobody does it better than Seattle Genetics. Siegall is a man of many talents thanks to his broad educational background. The guy is known as:

  • A Doctor
  • A Philanthropist
  • An Author
  • A Scientist
  • And many more

Just off of his accolades along, people can see just how well-rounded he is. Siegall has been in the industry for many years, and he’s worked with numerous prominent names. This includes the National Cancer Institute, the National Institute of Health and Bristol Myers Squibb.

Information is vital, especially when you’re trying to deliver it to the masses. Siegall does a wonderful job by keeping the general public “in the know.” His personal blog speaks on a wide range of topics rather its politics, sports or science. One of his recent posts spoke on the hot topic of the Paris Climate Agreement. Other posts were about general news within the NPR. Dr. Clay Siegall is an American hero, and that’s why he is creating a better future for all.

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