Creepy and Bizarre Happenings in the Psych Ward


For centuries people have been drawn to the different or bizarre side of life. This could be why so many real life ghost hunters are drawn to closed down psychiatric wards like moths are to a flame. If ghosts do indeed stick around where they were troubled in life then maybe these ghost hunting moths are on to something. When it comes to creepy stories the workers in these psych wards have plenty to share.


Plenty of psych ward employees complain of how patients will use bodily fluids or feces as art materials, or for just flinging it for fun. This may not but creepy but it is really high on the gross factor. Creepy occurs when patients harm themselves. One story shared by a worker went beyond that creepy factor and launched itself right into nightmare territory. This patient took a fork and dug out his own eyes. While self mutilation is common in these places this patient took it to a whole new level.


Any scary websites can tell you that one of the creepiest sounds on the planet occurs just as the environment around us has gone silent. It could be a scratch on a window or an item falling in another room. When all of the patients in a ward are sleeping and suddenly you hear an unfamiliar voice speaking in a deep voice this goes high on the creepy factor. One worker in a psychiatric ward had the hairs stand up on her arms when a patient in the hospital did this. Not only did this female patient speak in a very deep voice, but the words she spoke were not from any decipherable language. When the worker went to check on the patient the worker panicked more when the patients eyes rolled back into her head as she began to scream.


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