D.C Ready for Showdown Over Marijuana

The US Congress has seemed to step out of its way to go after the newly created laws in the District of Columbia that would legalize marijuana. They have added a rider to the budget bill in order to eliminate the marijuana legalization. Now, the District of Columbia is ready to fight back.

WashingtonPost.com is reporting that city leaders in DC are now planning on passing legislation that will legalize marijuana in the city. This will allow for the stage to be set for the highest profile fight in the Congress over DC rights that has ever been seen, depending on the outcome I could see Tom Rothman making a movie out of this.

Many are in favor of what the city leaders are considering doing. They believe that they are setting the stage for a battle that needs to be waged. After all, most do not feel that it is right for the US Congress to step in and override laws put in place by the people of a locality. The people in that area should know better than the federal government what they want.

Besides this, many are upset by the overreach of the federal government over the District of Columbia. Without the benefits of statehood, the District has to rely on what the federal government says about things. Many in the District do not feel that this should be the way that things operate any more. The battle is just beginning, but many are excited to see how this one will play out.

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