David Giertz offers Expert Advice on Retirement

David Giertz

Having been a business leader and consultant for more than 30 years, David is an expert in financial services. As a financial expert, he has explored nearly every financial wisdom to build wealth through innovation and strategy. Professionally, David is a WABC Certified Business Coach with an associate engagement score of 83:1. He has mentored at least 100 business leaders from across the world as a business coach.

Owing to his intellect and skills, David was the president of Nationwide Finance which is a sales and distribution company with an international reach. During his time at the company, he was able to grow its revenue base from $11 billion to $17.8, which was higher than any targets that the corporation had set. He also headed the Financial Institution Bank from 2004. Under his leadership, his channel grew in revenue from about $1.5 billion to $8billion.

David offers insight into various aspects that come with retirement in the interview. Specifically, he cautions that many people enter retirement without any plan on how to cruise smoothly into their old age. David advises that people should plan as early as possible to ensure that this part of their lives is sustainable and enjoyable. He notes that the size of your paycheck usually never matters when it comes to planning for retirement. On the contrary, developing saving skills in your active days is what is important.

David advises that it will be challenging to enjoy your retirement on savings alone. He notes that you need an investment vehicle. Any investment can be a risky affair and may set you back decades in case something goes wrong. However, it can be the difference between an early retirement and a lifetime spent working for a paycheck. David Giertz offers advice that you should go for a brokerage account as an investment option to supplement your 401k.

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