Doll Becomes President Petro Poroshenko Advisor

In Ukraine’s tumultuous war torn nation, soldiers based at Donetsck airport met with President Petro Poroshenko and honored his visit by passing along what may have been their good luck charm, a small dirty fabric doll with wild blond hair. Daily casualties, despite a ceasefire illustrate the conflict is far from over.

After his meeting with the soldiers, he presided over a citizenship ceremony for Sergei Korotkikh former member of the National Socialist Organization. Korotkikh is wanted in Russia for setting off a bomb near the Kremlin.

Poroshenko tweeted about the doll:

“It has become a tradition: I come to work, take the doll and think what must I do today to protect the country.”

The small dirty doll has become a symbol, and could in some way provide Poroshenko a way to focus and meditate, allowing him to sort out everything his top advisors are telling him. It might be a little different to Brad Reifler, but it makes sense to those close to the situation.

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