Economic Guru Christian Broda

I’ve been doing some investigating in Macro and came across an interesting person. His view on the state of the US dollar were spot on for me, so I’d like to share something about a guy that shares the same economic philosophy that I do.

Christian Broda works as the Managing Director for Duquesne Capital Management. Coming from a position as professor at the esteemed University of Chicago, he holds claim to credits from the Booth School of Business and Lehman Barclays Capital. He earned a Ph. D from MIT and also attended the University of San Andres. He is part of the organization known as the National Bureau of Economic Research and is also an editor of the Journal of Development Economics.

Professor Christian Brody talks of issues within the realm of international trading, general finances, and macroeconomics. He is a widely published author in the American Economic Review, the Journal of International Economics, and the Quarterly Journal of Economics. He has been the powerhouse behind many hedge fund start ups and is a tenured professor of Economics at the University of Chicago. Broda is married with two sons and enjoys his personal life with his family, as can be seen on his Twitter account.

He writes about economical issues affecting the United States and the world with great passion. In 2005 and 2008 he was awarded grants from the National Science Foundation to help support his research and was named the James Kemperer Scholar award in 2006. He has given his expertise to the Federal Reserve Bank in New York and has spent a good amount of time accomplishing financial achievements that many bankers and financial specialists would be quite envious of across the globe.

With his many accomplishments, CNN has stated that he has the financial world at his fingertips and will be sure to make many positive changes in the economy. Christian Broda has written many published pieces for magazines such as The American Economic Review and renowned magazines for the economic community and has published a litany of newspaper articles for the likes of The New Yorker and The Economist.

After I read his profile in ValueWalk and some of his thoughts, it is clear that Christian Broda will no doubt be one of the most influential voices in economics for this generation of bankers and investors.


Christian Broda is not the Austrian politician of the same name. See more about him on his website.

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