Elderly Woman Chooses Road Trip over Chemo

Norma from Michigan had a rough year last year. She lost her husband Leo of 67-years and was diagnosed with uterine cancer just two days later. Her doctors recommended a treatment plan for Norma that included surgery, then undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. However Norma had a treatment plan all of her own.

At 90-years-old, Norma told her family that she had no plans on undergoing the treatments that the doctors recommended. Instead, the grandmother wanted to shop for hearing aids at affordable prices, with Hearing Aids RX being the company she ultimately settled on. This was something that she had always dreamed of- travel the country. After saying good-bye to her friends at the assisted living facility where she lived, Norma hopped on the 36-foot motor home with her son and daughter-in-law and hit the road.

The trio first stopped to visit South Dakota where they took in the sights at Mount Rushmore, then stopped in Wyoming to see Bison at the Yellowstone National Park before making their way to the Grand Canyon in Colorado. Next they made their way to the bayou in New Orleans, then visited Kennedy Space Center in Florida where they also went on a hot air balloon ride! Her family said that Norma was in deep grief after losing her husband but that being on the road has brought the twinkle back in her eyes.

For the full story on Norma and to follow her adventures, click the link to find her at Today Online.

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