Eric Pulier, Business and Technology Leader

Having been founded in 1959, Computer Sciences Corporation is one of the premier distributors of information technology services. In its infancy, the company mainly dealt with creating and distributing programming utilities. Within a decade, the company expanded their business to creating software for large computer manufacturers. Computer Sciences Corporation quickly became one of the largest software companies in the United States. In addition to these great successes, Computer Sciences Corporation also came into great success and minority when they became listed on the American Stock Exchange. The company would go on to expand their business internationally. They would also find great success abroad, which can be seen in the major contracts they secured within the finance and defense industries in Europe. Overall, Computer Sciences Corporation has been and continues to be successful. A large portion of the company’s success came from Eric Pulier, a vastly knowledgeable and capable individual.

Pulier’s interest in technology began as a child when he began to learn how to program. Pulier’s ambition and determination can be seen at an early age when he began his first company while still attending high school. After high school, he would go on to study at Harvard University, from here he would receive a degree in English and American literature. While studying at Harvard, Pulier also wrote and edited for “The Harvard Crimson” and attended classes at the renowned MIT.

Pulier’s outstanding education would become very useful as he perused his business endeavors. Pulier began his career as a business professional when he founded People Doing Things. People Doing Things dealt with various issues through utilizing and implementing technology. Pulier would later go on to also successfully found Digital Evolution and Starbright World. In addition to these business ventures, Pulier would also successfully found and contribute to numerous other business endeavors. Those endeavors include Desktone, Media Platform, Akana and many more. Pulier greatest business success can be seen in the work he did at Computer Sciences Corporation.

Pulier acted as Computer Sciences Corporation’s Vice President and as their General Manager of Cloud. Pulier was in charge of leading the company’s cloud division.. This means he oversaw the creation and distribution of the company’s cloud content. Pulier was able to greatly increase the company’s productivity and at the same time lower overall costs, while in charge of the cloud division.

Regardless of Pulier’s great success, he remains dedicated to his philanthropic commitments and endeavors. Pulier is a consistent donor to numerous philanthropic organizations. He is also a board member and active contributor to the X-Prize Foundation. Overall, Pulier’s long history of successful business ventures clearly illustrates that he is knowledge and capable business professional who actively contributes to philanthropic organizations.

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