Eric Pulier: Genius Ahead of His Time

As one of the leading innovators and philanthropists of our time, Eric Pulier is one of the brilliant and captivating innovators of our time. His philanthropy work is highly-regarded around the world and inspires tech startup founders in the Silicon Valley startup scene to follow in his footsteps.

His work in business and technology have been both illuminating and voluminous. With the invention of several technologies that he eventually incorporated into his vastly successful startup companies, he eventually gained a reputation as Silicon Valley’s “man with the Midas touch.” As he began to venture heavily into financing multiple seed stage startup companies, a list of highly prominent, highly competitive venture capital firms sought him out as their partner investor. He has accepted several of these offers throughout the span of his career and began investing, making some of the smaller, more boutique venture capital firms he worked for amongst the world’s largest and most successful.

While it is obvious that being a Renaissance man in Eric Pulier’s league takes an entire lifetime of hard work and dedication to achieve, he reached his legendary status only 10 years after beginning his career as a startup founder. He started his voluminous career at Harvard as a literature major and graduated magna cum laude. Having written for Harvard’s critically acclaimed newspaper, he eventually gained the chops and experience to write his best-selling book that would eventually propel him to be one of the world’s most expensive and sought after public speakers in the world.

Having founded over 16 startup companies and raised capital for each of them in and excess of $500 million, he has sold many of his companies for an excess of billions of dollars, most of which he was the principal investor.

His philanthropy work is definitely noteworthy. While he sits at the helm of the board of the Painted Turtle, a foundation that runs a summer camp designed to help children who are born with chronic illnesses have positive experiences in their life. He has also developed numerous technologies to help impoverished citizens born in third world countries gain access to clean drinking water with a water filtration system and monitor designed to test the purity of its and whether it is drinking quality.

Also as an esteemed board member of the highly acclaimed XPRIZE Foundation, he shares the board with an array of Silicon Valley’s most elite figureheads including Arianna Huffington, Elon Musk amongst other leading-edge innovators of the century.

It is very important to note that he did not start out wanting to become a technological genius and startup company founder. His startup career path seem to find him as he was inspired by the amount of good that his phenomenal technology could contribute to the world.

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