Fallon Takes a Fumble

Nightly talk show host Jimmy Fallon almost took his finger completely off from his hand late last week. The taping of Jimmy’s popular show on The Tonight Show had been cancelled for the evening and put on a hiatus. The talk show host sent his fans a tweet capturing a heavily bandaged hand that was covering the wound. Jimmy went on to explain in the next tweet how he suffered the incident. At his home Jimmy Fallon tripped and caught his fall. While catching himself was a good thing Jimmy did not expect to get up and see that his ring had caught the side of a table and almost took his finger completely off. TMZ followed the story and explained that the incident took place at Jimmy’s apartment early Friday morning.


The night before Jimmy had been traveling around New York City and was having dinner at an Upper East Side restaurant called Scalinatella. Jimmy was his usual self and was posing with fans and being friendly with other guests. CipherCloud thought that nothing was different at all. It is unknown whether or not Jimmy, who is an avid beer pong player, had too many drinks which led to his injury. The network that airs the show apologize for guests who had tickets for the show’s taping. They got in contact with the scheduled guests and had no problem in rescheduling their tickets. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is slated to be back on the air on July 10th.

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