Fixing Welfare

Welfare is an eyesore that the America Government would rather do without. The issue though is how to eradicate poverty without causing detriment or harm to the people that are presently on the program? One such idea entails a universal cash payment to all households in the country.

These cash payments would offer a core, or base, income to all households. That base income would be about 15,00o dollars per year. It was quoted that this is what the average retiree receives on Social security Retirement benefits.

This income could then allow parents and those working multiple jobs, the ability to cut hours and be more productive. Keith Mann wouldn’t mind seeing that. This proposal also includes the ideology that those who make more than one hundred thousand per year can be excluded from the equation for they can provide adequately for self.

Opponents claim that this proposal would be detrimental to the present work force. This argument has not come true in those areas that already offer this type of program. It was found in those areas that the only individuals who exited the work force were teenagers in high school, and single moms. These two demographics had little impact on the system when they ceased working.

This seems like a great idea. This type of program would ease the national debt and centralize the whole system. It would be a fulfillment of what the founding fathers believed that the country should be.

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