Florida Becomes Third Most Populous State

According to a recently filed census report, the total population of the Southeastern state of Florida has recently surpassed that of New York. This means that Florida has now become the third most populous state in the nation. 

The state of Florida now boasts a population of some 19.9 million residents, placing it solidly third behind the total populations of California (38.8 million) and fellow former Confederate state, Texas (estimated at 27 million). 

The results of the latest census show that the state of Florida is becoming increasingly powerful and influential. This is especially true with regard to representation in Congress, where a state’s total population directly impacts its number of representatives and electoral votes. 

Florida has become known in recent decades as a haven of conservatism, a phenomenon that has occasionally tipped in the alarming direction of radical Libertarianism and Tea Party activism. The number of Florida residents that claim religious motivation is also unseasonably high for the tastes of many whose views are more liberal in these matters.

According to Blooomberg, the recent census also confirmed the fact that the ten fastest growing states in the nation were all located either in the Southern or Western regions, reports Sam Tabar. The one exception was the state of North Dakota that lies on the border of the Midwestern and Western regions of the country. North Dakota also posted the fastest population growth rate in the nation – some 2.2 percent. 

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