George Soros During World War 2

George Soros was a child during World War 2, and he was taken in by a man who was acting on behalf of the Nazis, this man hid his Jewish heritage on, and ultimately allowed for George’s survival. While George Soros remarks that this was a period of life which did not have a profound impact upon him, questions remain as to how he viewed the world after having been exposed to such acts at such an early age. George would witness his caretaker engage in efforts to save Hungarian Jews during the war, and the man in question was the Minister of Agriculture in Hungary on Forbes. Soros bore witness to extreme efforts to save the lives of Jews who were being discriminated against, but also safeguarded by way of the efforts of some officials to hide Jews.

In particular, George Soros’ caretaker had a lot of incentive to keep the Jews out of the fray, because his own wife was being hidden during the war. This sort of effort being made in the presence of a young George Soros could be said to have had a significant impact upon his future desires to be involved in world politics. The efforts made on Soros with regard to the various non-profit and other efforts seen in the international community have reached into eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa. With all of these humanitarian efforts, George Soros’ continued involvement with the investment community is that much more significant. Soros continues to take it upon himself to look for ways to prevent the atrocities seen during World War 2.


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