Behind every whispered story, some piece of information is right, no matter how small it may seem. Rumors had it that Soros had financed the Blacks Lives Matter movement. Such a rumor had an adamant basis and could not just come from someone who did not understand the character of Soros. Rumors are just a series of words uttered and in that case an eavesdropper will only hear a part of and because they have no courage of confirming what they heard from who said, they pass the information as received to others. People’s belief in Soros’ capability to fund the movement was due to their view of him as a humane, caring man concerned with the well-being of others.

Being a survivor of the world war, George Soros was able to do what other people could not and rather perceive as impossible. He dedicated his efforts towards improvement of the quality of life for the financially unstable and ensured that justice was served. He participated towards the promotion of unity among communities through the exchange of culture between the blacks and the Westerners.

George Soros perceived there was a need to educate the masses, hence the establishment of the university. The education was meant to sharpen their wits hence would become less independent of their country for assistance and rather be resourceful. He worked towards the fulfillment of dreams by providing school fees for the promising students. It was meant to improve the morale of citizens from poor areas, hence would fully exploit their potential educationally.

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Soros is greatly concerned about the globe, and he is therefore contributed to its prosperity through writing books and essays. His books cover issues currently happening in the nation and will, therefore, provide guidance information for the current leaders at His expertise is based on open markets, globalization, politics, economy and philanthropy.

He has continued to promote the development of the nation compassionately. George Soros’ articles make the top headlines in the most famous global magazines as his information is up-to-date. There is the promotion of transparency because his ideas are stated in a clear and concise manner with no hidden crucial information. He has therefore become a success to his nation and to the world as a whole where his ideas are used to shape the countries.

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