GOFUNDME for Operation Smile By Dr. Weisfogel

How you would feel if your child was born with a birth defect. The birth defect is affecting the child and his or her ability to eat. What can you do? There is a large bill to have the babies face and mouth repaired. The surgery is more than you could ever afford. What can you do? You are sad for the baby. You know the struggles this baby will go through as he or she gets older. Peer pressures and bad comments will cause the child to withdraw. There is a campaign that is set up to help people with birth defects such as cleft palate and cleft lip. Operation smile performs thousands of surgeries around the world and they are free for the family. Medical personnel works alongside the surgical team to provide healthy recoveries from these surgeries.

Operation smile is always looking for more funding so they can reach more individuals with this second chance at a smile. Without people like Dr. Avi Weisfogel, children would continue to suffer. The surgeries would not be an option. Dr. Weisfogel set up a campaign on go fund me to help with raising money for the cause. This wonderful caring dentist is responsible for changing so many children’s lives. He full fills so many dreams by helping with removing deformities. He helps by providing necessary contacts for people that not only need surgery but also appliances.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel works closely with the community and other dental professionals to provide the needs and care that is necessary to help with sleep issues. Sleep apnea is something that is dangerous to adults. Sleep apnea causes people to stop breathing throughout the night. With his business, Dr. Weisfogel is training other dental professionals how to use appliances and guards to correct dental issues.

It is very important for people to step up and help campaigns such as the GOFUNDME campaign that Weisfogel set up for Operation smile. People always feel better when they help children. Check out the operation smile website.

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