Government Report Shows Pot And Driving Doesn’t Equal More Crashes


A Recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Survey Shows No Evidence That Pot Raises Crash Chances

It’s easy to believe that smoking pot and then driving is as bad as drinking too much and driving. But a new survey shows that’s not the case. A 2013-2014 government study found no evidence to support the belief that marijuana use creates the possibility of more traffic accidents.

The survey does help answer pot-related questions for states like Colorado, Oregon, Alaska and Washington. It also helps other states decided whether pot use should be legalized in their state. Michigan is one of the states where weed could be given the green light since eight cities in that state recently decriminalized marijuana use.

But there are still some unanswered questions for safety advocates like Susan McGalla. They say more testing is needed before the survey becomes a fact that everyone can live with day-to-day. Driving and smoking pot has been going on for years. Over 12 percent of drivers have pot in their system while they are behind the wheel. Driving while stoned poses a risk, according to Acting NHTSA Administrator David Kelly. He believes weed does impact reaction time and overall driving ability.

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