Grieving And Attaining Lifetime Status Without The Same Star

The stage was pitch dark as was the rest of the concert hall. The curtains in the back all of a sudden glowed with the spotlight shining onto a person who was wearing a black hat strategically placed at a slight angel. A white glove was on his one hand and as he moved slowly the glove sparkled. His jet black hair with tight curls were more recognizable than anything else. They looped down a little onto his almost ivory skin. He looked up and smiled but only at the corner of his mouth. He looked just like Michael, yet Michael was gone. He had disappeared into no where and broke the hearts of millions. In his 50’s Michael Jackson was dead. No one expected that to happen. No one counted on something so painful.

He had mourned with them,as MJ’s biggest fan in the world. He struggled to pull himself out of the hurt, as had many. It was hard to hear, hard to believe and more so it was hard to stomach. We all wanted nothing but the best for a man that struggled for years. Soon he left us with nothing but hurt. Sergio was the one that needed to have a deep affect on most but at the same time he was also hurting. When you number one hero dies it is difficult. There is no way to go about it then to face grief head on.

It is unknown whether Sergio performed the day that Michael past but it was almost if someone went through the trouble and passed him the torch.

Sergio grabbed the torch and carried it right through into a life without Michael Jackson. He strengthened his resolve and gave it his all. The most miraculous part of it was that he was able to challenge the notion that only Michael was a great. For Sergio Cortes is a famous well liked singer in his own right but does a fantastic job pretending to be positioned like him. Sergio has gone about doing things most have only dreamed about but it was his vision and he reached it.

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