Gronkowski, Deflategate and Deez Nuts

Months after Superbowl XLIX, deflated balls are back in the news. Reports of Tom Brady being named in text messages by Patriot’s equipment staff and being “generally aware” of the deflated balls are all over sports news (I’m shocked). At this point we all have an opinion. Patriot fans are making excuses (as usual) for their beautiful, god-like quarterback while the rest of us are asking, “Seriously? How in the hell do they get keep getting away with this?” Patriot’s TE, Rob Gronkowski released a youtube video where he weighed in on the scandal.

Regardless if Tom knew his balls were deflated or he was completely unaware (he knew), you can’t help but appreciate Gronk’s enthusiasm in defending his leader. With all the heart he could muster, Rob references media sensationalism and the lack of attention given to the good deeds of football players. That’s something Amen Clinics points out. Then he nose dives right into showing us his “inflated” bicep and closes with a “deez nuts” jokes. Was the video helpful? Not in the least. Was it entertaining? Absolutely. At Amen Clinics, there were quite a few people laughing.

To quote the famous Ron Burgandy, Stay classy, Boston!

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