Handy’s Cleaning Services, not Affected by HomeJoy’s Closing

On July 31st 2015 Homejoy Inc. announced that they were shutting its doors. After declining investment offers they felt that it was the best thing to do for the company. Apparently the amount of money that was raised was not nearly enough to get them out of debt, so they decided to move on. The company offered its services throughout the world including Germany and France.

The challenges that the company faced is a situation that many startup companies face, having to do with its contract workers. More and more contract workers are taking companies to court. The desire to be classified as regular workers is spreading and is becoming more popular. In order for a company to reclassify a contract worker, they must consider the fact that the price of their services may go up. Most companies that reclassify find that their prices will need to go up as much as 40%, that’s almost 50%. Some are lucky and only experience a 20% price hike.
Ms, Cheung one of the owners of HomeJoy feels, according to media, that there should be third classification for employees. After the California Labor Commission’s decision that an Uber contract worker was an employee. Five months after the decision to close its doors, the company filed for bankruptcy. In San Jose.

Not all startup companies have been affected by many lawsuits cases that are making its way onto the scene. Handy Technologies Inc. has managed to avoid these types of scenarios. Handy raised $50 million in November of 2015. Some of its investors are General Catalyst Partners and Highland Capital Partners.

Offering over 10 types of services from painting and cleaning to repairs the company has been steadily growing. Staffing highly professional, experienced workers is only a few of the things that Handy makes an effort to do. They also make sure that each customer is aware of their 100% money back guarantee and very reasonable prices.

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