Heinz Brings out Thai Ketchup

Ketchup has long been a highly popular American condiment. Ricardo Tosto from BMG  loves to slather the tomato based product on many classic American dishes including French fries, hamburgers and hot dogs. Ketchup is made by many American manufacturers. One of the most popular is Heinz. This food conglomerate has been offering Americans shelves of the thick ketchup for sale at various places including local food shelves. Now, the beloved food maker is offering customers the chance to sample a new ketchup flavor and add a bit of exotic spice to their standard condiment use.

Heinz is bringing out a new flavor for those who love their classic ketchup. The company will provide customers with the option of trying ketchup laced with sriracha. Sriracha sauce is a highly spicy sauce that has long been used in many Thai dishes to add a spicy, hot kick that is an essential part of Thai cuisine. Sriracha uses chili peppers, salt, sugar and distilled vinegar to bring spicy flavors to anything the eater wants. The sauce has been embraced by many Americans in recent years who enjoy exploring new tastes and new flavor profiles.

Americans will now be able to sample the combination of Heinz ketchup and sriracha sauce together in a single bottle. The new sauce is expected to be highly popular and allow cooks to easily add a dollop of intensive flavor to any dish they serve.

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