IAP Worldwide Services selected to support the U.S. Army Distributed Common Ground System contract valued at $53 million

IAP Worldwide Services has announced that it has won the United States Army contract that was designed to provide fielding, logistics, and the training support for the Army Common Ground Distributed System. The Project Manager training system developed by IAP was to take place in areas including Texas, Hood, and other national locations. Under the Rapid Third Generation Response, the word will be developed to work with efficiency.

IAP Worldwide Services seeks to solve the most challenging and toughest problems facing their clients. According to the CEO and President of the company, the company has partnered with the United States government and other agencies to develop a base. The missions of the company’s customers are covered by the IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.’s. For this reason, they develop a personalized approach towards making developing the best formulae. The company, therefore, executes these missions without fear or favor. IAP Worldwide Services is highly respected for their response system. They are there at any moment of notice. For the company, their experts are trained to take into consideration the short notices issued to them.

DCGS-A is the primary system that posts data, disseminates intelligence, surveillance, and processes data. IAP Worldwide Services works closely with the United States Army to take care of the weather, terrain, environment, and providing vital information on iapws.com to the commanders at the battlefront. The contract, valued at over $53 million, has the inclusion of data processing, system engineering, hardware, networking, system training, reconciliation, and warehouse operations to deliver the favorable contract to the United States Government.

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According to the CEO and Director of IAP Worldwide Services Doug Kitani, the company takes the pleasure to work with the National Army to deliver the best solutions to their critical missions in the battlefield. The company will provide intelligence services of the highest order to ensure that the Army wins their wars. For the company, ensuring success is part of their daily activities. They develop personalized solutions to meet the dynamic needs of any institution.

The selection of IAP Worldwide Services on prnewswire.com to work in the Army recognizes the proven expertise to deliver value-added goods to offer solutions for the Army in aviation, design engineering, and life support services. The company also offers expeditionary solutions in the Technology and National Security Agency.

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. is a leading solution and service company in the world. It has over six decades of professional experience in working with the United States governments and other state agencies.

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