I’m Caring For My Brother’s Three Dogs, And I Feed Them Beneful

I was very angry at first when my brother dropped off three dogs and told me that he would be back in a week. I became even angrier when the whole month passed, and he never came back. Two months passed, three months, four months, and then a year, but my brother never came back. I did worry about my brother, but when I saw pictures of him on social media having fun with some lady he met, I decided I had nothing more to say to him. I cared for those dogs to the best of my ability because I know it wasn’t their fault that they were abandoned. My brother has always been irresponsible, and this is just another one of his antics.

When I first got the dogs, I went out and purchased some Beneful because it’s something that I had always seen my brother feeding the dogs. It’s unfortunate that he didn’t leave any money or food for the dogs, but I made sure that they were taken care of. I saw some cute toys when I went back to the pet store a few days later, so I bought the toys and Beneful. This went on for the entire year, and every time I went to the pet store, I would buy additional Beneful food, dog toys as well as treats. After a while, I really began to fall in love with all three dogs.

I took the dogs for veterinarian visits, and I let the dogs have play dates, and I walked all three dogs every evening on twitter.com. I didn’t think that caring for dogs would be something that I would enjoy, but I also didn’t think that I could have three dogs love me as much as these three do. It’s difficult knowing that my dogs have been left behind by their original owner, but they don’t seem to mind because they love me, and I love them in return. Every day the dogs are getting bigger and stronger, and I feel that I have Beneful on petco to thank for that.

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