Innovative Trends from 2015 That Will Improve Investor’s Approaches for 2016 Stock Market’s Prospects

The year 2015 ended with little promises for investors. First, the year performed poorly and descended to the mini-crash in the middle of the year. This mini crash diminished the hopes of the investors regarding stock market improvement. As the New Year is setting in, the question in the mind of every investor is if the market will improve. Returns guide investors before making any investment. What made the 2015 year have low morale for investor even after recovering from the mini-crash is the oil price. They steadily continued their fall in the last part of the financial period worsening investors’ confidence to the recovery of the weak markets.

What is the significant turn of events that can restore investors’ confidence in stock markets? Oil prices hugely drive the world economy. Whereas low oil prices are a relief for consumers, they are not good for business. A decrease or crash of the American markets will also have devastating effects on the world economies. Analysts continue to investigate and research on the innovative approaches that may result in the turnover for the New Year.

Investment firms are also considering new moves to woo the investors in the New Year. Highland Capital Management Company is an investment firm located in Dallas, Texas. The company is hugely investing in alternative sectors like health care and technology. The company was founded back in 1994 by James Dondero, and it has since come a long way to the top in the investment banking industry. Jim is a graduate of the University of Virginia where he specialised in accounting and finance. Also, James is chartered and accredited financial analyst. After graduation from University, Jim embarked on building his career. He has worked for some reputable companies like American Express and protective life.

Jim heads a team of highly experienced in the business’s management (you can see them ringing the closing bell at the NYSE below). Mr Michael Gregory leads the team of alternative investment. He brings the extensive on health care investment and management. The company won the prestigious HFM hedge fund award in 2015. Jim also appointed Mr. Terry Jones as the head of institutional products. The company management has more than 130 years of combined experience. The team has to make tough decisions on the fluctuations which are unpredictable in the stock markets.

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