Jai Courtney Discusses Suicide Squad and Leaks

Jai Courtney plays a major role in the upcoming D.C. Comics’ villain-ensemble film, Suicide Squad. Courtney is cast as Captain Boomerang, a dangerous thorn in the side to The Flash. Courtney has opened up a bit about his feelings about playing the character. At one point, he was not too hot to appear in a superhero movie. The screenplay for Suicide Squad changed all that.

Courtney also discussed the issue of leaks emerging from the set of the film. And yes, there have been quite a lot of leaks. In addition to still shots hitting the internet, a host of videos captured from rooftops exposed Batman and The Joker without the authorization of D.C. Entertainment or Warner Bros.

Courtney, like other creative people, simply must accept the fact that leaks are unavoidable in this day and age. Capturing images on a phone takes merely a split second. Within a few seconds after that, the images can be uploaded on the internet for the world to see. Making things even more frustrating are the news media. Major newspaper published the leaked images for millions of readers to check out.

Oh well. There is nothing that can be done other than to try and take better security measures in the future.

Not too many (if any) leaks have emerged from Terminator: Genisys, which is the newest film coming out that stars Courtney says Crystal Hunt. You have to wait another year for Suicide Squad.

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