James Dondero: Raising Funds for Victims of Domestic Violence

There are a lot of crimes in the United States that involves domestic violence. Though some of these crimes are not reported to the authorities, some victims of domestic abuses are brave enough to break their silence and report their traumatizing experiences to the authorities. The co-founder and current president of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero, announced recently that his company will be joining an initiative to help the victims of domestic violence. Highland Capital Management is one of the largest and leading financial institutions in Texas, and James Dondero stated that the company is willing to donate $1 million for the benefit of the initiative.

The organization behind the initiative is called the “The Family Place”. They expressed their gratitude towards the generosity of James Dondero, and urged others from the corporate world to follow his footsteps and donate any amount of money to the organization. The Family Place spearheaded the Legacy Campaign, aiming to raise a specific amount of money for the construction of a world class facility catering the needs of domestic violence victims. The project would almost be greenlighted; however, they found out that they are short of $2.8 million to build the facility. The Family Place humbled themselves and went directly to the city government to assist them in reaching out to the corporations residing in the city. The organization believes that if all of the corporations joined hands together, the $2.8 million fund that they need would be met in just a short amount of time.

The Family Place has shown the master plan for the facility. They stated that the structure would include 13 emergency shelters for victims of domestic abuse, along with a clinic, a call center, several conseling rooms, and a multipurpose hall that can be used by anyone for leisure. According to studies conducted by the Family Place, the facility can help and accommodate up to 2,000 people. James Dondero stated that Highland Capital Management is ready to help the community build the facility, and invited other companies to join the cause. He added that the structure that the Family Place wanted to build would benefit everyone.

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