Jared Haftel Has His Irons In Many Fires

Jared Haftel is a Duke graduate who is currently attending school at Stanford University to get his MBA. Jared Haftel has worked in the finance industry, and he is trying to decide how he is going to improve his career and life as he gets through grad school. The schooling that he is undergoing today is just a part of the equation. He is someone who wants to do many things with his career once he graduates.

The Banking Industry

The banking industry has hosted Jared for many years, and he is learning quite a bit about how the industry works. However, he is also interested in computers and programming. He knows that he can use this information to help people in the future, and that is partially why he is going to grad school to get his MBA.

The Improvements

The improvements that Jared wants to make in the world are all going to be attached to the computer skills that he has. He has a dream of teaching people how to better handle their finances, and he also wants to make sure that people have apps or software that will help them better manage their finances. Jared is interested in improving his career, but he is also interested in helping people to learn more about how to manage their money.

His Future

Jared is not sure where his future is going to take him, but he does know that he wants to have enough information to help people wherever he goes. His MBA from Stanford is something that will help him to get a job anywhere in the country he wants. Also, he wants to find a place where he can settle down and start his own family.

Jared is someone that we need to look out for in the world of finance and banking. He has the skills that will help him become a better person, and he has all the tools that are going to make him someone who can help people who are having troubles with money.

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