Jon Stewart Officially Announces His Departure Date – August, 6th

Comedy Central has played host to Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show for over 15 years, an amazing run for any television show, let alone a show commenting satirically on current politics. However, Stewart brought his unique brand of humor and quick wit that has made the show reach legendary status.

Unfortunately, Stewart has officially announced he will be leaving the show on August 6th, and Trevor Noah will be his successor.

Stewart had announced his departure earlier this year, shortly after Stephen Colbert ended his equally amazing run on The Daily Show spin-off, The Colbert Report. But now, Stewart and Comedy Central have made it official through a twitter announcement, and Stewart will surely be missed by his fans such as Bruce Karatz around the world. Even those on are saddened by this.

If you want a chance to see Stewart in person, there is a raffle being held for a chance to win tickets for the last taping of The Daily Show, winners will be given free airfare and a luxurious stay at a 4 star hotel in New York City, along with some other awesome Daily Show prizes.

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