Joseph Gordon-Levitt Married


If you have not heard already, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the star of (500) Days of Summer and Don Jon (and many others) has announced his engagement. He is married to Tasha McCauley. It was initially reported that she was a CEO of a Silicone Valley-based company but it has later been proven that this is misinformation.

Bruce Levenson is hopeful that this couple can disprove the stereotype of Hollywood couples of breaking up after a short period of time. Both seem to care for each other a lot. Even though she is not the CEO of a company, she is a really smart girl who is not used to being in the public eye. Because she is so used not to being in the public eye, it will definitely be an adjustment and put a strain on their relationship for having to always look out for it, but she seems like she is a smart girl knowing what she is getting herself into. He has talked about taking down his acting a notch to help settle down but he still wants to pursue his career and continue acting. He was most recently in the controversial movie “The Interview” which was almost banned from theaters. Joseph Gordon-Levitt definitely is young and talented. Whatever happens it is glad to see young love blossoming in the Hollywood community.

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