Just Who is Eric Pulier

There are some very intellectually talented individuals in the world today as so in years of the past. Every industry, field, sector, or sport has a few individuals that seem to stand among as well. Have you ever heard of a guy named Eric Pulier? More than likely you haven’t heard because he’s not a household name, but this individual has done amazing things for society. Eric Pulier is a man if many talents thanks to his broad range of knowledge. When it comes to technology, Pulier is somewhat of a guru and his success dated back to when he was a child growing up in Teaneck, New Jersey. While in just the fourth grade he programmed his very first computer and by high school he had already founded a computer database company. That right there is more than most people have done in a life time, but this brilliant minded individual kept on pushing until he finally made it.

Eric Pulier took his talents to Harvard University where he majored in English/American Literature. During this time he took classes over at neighboring MIT despite having a full schedule. Pulier was an accomplished writer as well as he wrote for the school’s daily newspaper called The Harvard Crimson and he was an editor there also. By 1988 he graduated magna cum laude and by 1991 he would begin his professional career in California. Having such a strong passion for technology, Pulier went to work and created a company that dealt with solving the many issues in healthcare and education. This is where he truly made a name for himself as he would go on as a founder of 15 companies to this day.

The guy became so successful though still being rather young. Pulier donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in tech start-up companies, raised money for charitable organizations, and invested money into Capital Venture Deals. Today he is a proud father of four beautiful kids and lives a comfortable life in the Los Angeles Area.

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