Keeping the Internet Free Has Obama’s OK

The invention of the internet, much like the birth of the telephone or cable TV, has become a household normality. And much like the telephone and TV, it has become increasingly more expensive as new options and technologies become available. In light of the monopolization and control that internet providers have gained, the president is backing a net neutrality position.

Internet providers have gained control over the cost of service as well as the quality and speed of the services that they provide. With the backing of millions of supporters, President Obama announced that he feels that the internet remain free. He also stated that the internet platform needs to retain the openness that allows the users to freely communicate. Consumers should not be charged extra for different degrees of bandwidth. He feels that the usage should be equal across the board. Millions including advocate Alexei Beltyukov are agreeing with the President on this one. That is except for the cable and telephone providers.

If passed, the decision to enforce the net neutrality rule will hit the cable and telephone internet providers in the pocket books after 2015. They will feel the impact with the loss of the collection of additional fees and service costs that consumers currently provide for specialized or preferred services.

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  • February 19, 2017 at 4:58 am

    The other suggestions that Obama had include no throttling, no blocking of a website, no paid speed advantages and no special fees for use of the fast lane. It could have been the best dissertations that they are using to acknowledge and I know it’s something important too.

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