Keith Mann – Helping People Invest Alternatively Since 2001

I had to pick an established person who is currently in practice within the market segment that I have chosen as my undergraduate concentration and it actually did not take me long to find just the right individual. So for those interested, I really put a lot of effort into this research paper so I wanted to do a brief summary of what I dug up.

Keith Mann is a successful business development advisor based in New York and the co founder of Dynamic Search Partners, a largely successful assets management firm that specializes in alternative investments and hedge funds. Mann’s goal is to help companies with searching services and other forms of staffing for major equity firms. The company is one of the biggest staffing agencies for the hedge fund industry. They have helped fill thousands of positions since they began in 2001.

In the beginning, Keith Mann was the Manager of the Alternative Investments Division at Dynamic Associates. Through the years, he has been able to move up in the company and was even Senior Vice President at one point in time. As the Manager of the Alternative Investments Division, Keith Mann was responsible for the management of team researching. He also made alternative investment decisions on behalf of the company. Keith Mann began his career with Dynamic Associates and was very successful with the company. He worked in the hedge fund industry for countless years before moving to the staffing industry for major hedge fund based businesses.

Not only does Keith Mann work in the investment industry, but he also is very involved in philanthropy. He enjoys giving back to the community and is constantly looking for new ways to get involved. Currently, he helps to organize charity events for this company. In 2008, Dynamic Search Partners hosted a mixer for Hope to Heroes. Through the charity event, the company was able to raise $8,000 for the charity organization. All of the the proceeds were given directly to the organization.

The company is also involved with other philanthropic opportunities according to recent press, at the direction of Keith Mann. The company works with Uncommon Schools. The goal of the partnership is to help teach children some valuable skills that are needed to succeed in college. Dynamic Search Partners does not only work with the organization, but they also periodically donate to support it. In 2013 alone, the company donated $10,000 to the organization. Their work is making a difference in the community through the help of Keith Mann and Dynamic Search Partners.


There is no way to know what is next for Keith Mann but we can be sure that it will be something not only great for the investment and hedge fund industry, but also for the community.

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