Keith Mann Philanthropy Outspreads to Education.

Keith Mann the managing director of Dynamic Search Partners together with Keely Mann announced the Scholarship for Professional Achievement an award that will recognize the next innovative business leaders. Keith and Keely will partner with Uncommon School, a non-profit organization to implement the scholarship. The scholarship will be available students graduating every year from Uncommon School.

Uncommon School is a noon profit public charter school with its offices in New York City. The organization starts and manages school to help low-income students get an education. They have so far started 42 schools, and these schools have contributed in closing the achievement gap. They give hope to poor students that would typically struggle get into college. Uncommon School helps these kids graduate from college and, besides, prepare them for success in college.

The organization is in six regions which are, Boston Massachusetts, Camden New Jersey, Newark New Jersey, New York City, Rochester New York, and Troy New York. Uncommon Schools manages 45 schools with over 16,000 students beginning from K to 12th grade.

The first school to be started was North Star Academy Charter School in 1997. In the year 2005 Uncommon Schools made its mission as a charter management organization official.

Keith and Keely Mann could not contain their delight upon announcing the scholarship. Joe Frick, who is a counselor at the college said he was grateful for the award since their students will now have a, means to attend college.

The requirement for every applicant will be to write a 1000-word essay explaining how a college degree will change their lives.

Keith Mann has always been an advocate and supporter for education. He has had many charities that support education causes and for a long time has worked with Uncommon Schools. The scholarship will be available to students of Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn.

Keith has worked in the executive search industry having spent more than 15 years in the business. He is an expert in the hedge fund compensation, hiring strategy and staffing. He has worked in the industry with many firms in different positions and has been successful everywhere he has worked.

In 2009 Keith established Dynamic Search Partners a top executive search company that entirely works for alternative investment firms. Dynamic Search Partners company operates in the United States, Europe, and Asia.


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