Keith Mann Shows His Support For The NYPD

Keith Mann, a New York based businessman is showing his strong support for the New York Police Department by buying a whole squadron of police officers lunch as a way of saying thank you for your service. Mann has bought the 54th street precinct police unit lunch not just once, but twice as his way of saying thanks for keeping the city safe for residents and visitors. During a time of increased unrest and groups such as Black Lives Matter calling for action against police officers Keith Mann is taking a stand and is standing with police officers against such groups that are advocating against the police and the rule of law.

The founder of Dynamic Industries is not alone in his support of the New York City Police officers. A small rally with about 150 people was held in New York City that supported the efforts of police to keep the city safe, and showed that people still backed and supported their police officers. The rally paled in comparison to groups such as Black Lives Matter, but it helped boost morale that police officers are not alone and they have the backing of citizens. Mann who has worked in hedge fund staffing for over 15 years, believes he is not alone. The vast majority of people, the so called silent majority, he believes still supports the admirable job that policemen and women are doing despite attacks and cries of injustice directed at them.

Keith Mann‘s wife has relatives who work in the New York Police Department, and Keith feels it is imperative to support officers during a troubling time when their integrity and motives are being questioned by left wing groups and even some politicians. Mann believes in helping his local community and standing up for what is right. The staffing company founder who now helps not only hedge funds, but also equity firms believes that taking a stand and making your voice heard in support of a cause, in this case the New York City Police is important. Rather than giving in to the negativity and pressures exerted on the police force, citizens must respond with acts of support and kindness to counter the critics of the NYPD.¬†Follow Keith on Twitter and Vimeo to stay up to date on his ventures.

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