Kevin Seawright: Bringing Employment Opportunities To Newark

One of the individuals that heads up Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is Kevin Seawright. Seawright serves as the CFO and the Executive Vice President at the corporation. Newark CEDC is the major economic development agency for Newark, which is New Jersey’s biggest city. Before moving to CEDC, Seawright was with the government of Maryland, where he served as a Chief Financial Officer and a facilities officer in their recreation and parks department. During this time with the government, Seawright oversaw the dispersal of 50 million dollars from federal, state and city funding. Seawright continued with the government but moved into the field of education. It was during his time in this field that he served as a fiscal management leader. His main job was to help create budgets where 200 million dollars was being used. This leadership extended to the construction and implementation of schools in the state, where he also provided guidance in problems related to infrastructure. In this role, he oversaw over 600 million dollars that was used for development and renovations of education facilities.

Seawright then moved into the private sector, where he worked for Collington Life Care Community. At this company, Seawright oversaw more than 500 residents as the director of operations. He also negotiated contracts and oversaw funding and construction, which amounted to more than 5 million dollars in spending.

In a recent article for, Kevin was mentioned as one of the leaders in furthering employment opportunities. A specific project that the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is working on is the Summer Youth Employment Plan. This is a 6 week program that employs youth to work and get paid a minimum wage. The article discussed how over the past few years the program has managed to provide more than 3 thousand jobs to local youth. Their goal this year is to expand that number to 35 hundred and to improve the financial education component.

One of the major pieces of programming that the facilitators use is a financial education program. Seawright has been very interested in the furthering of this program and potential improvements that could be made to it. In order to ensure improvement and efficacy, Seawright convinced Santander Bank and TD Bank to partner with the program in order to provide more comprehensive information. The information is mainly on the topic of how to open a checking account and a savings account with a bank. According to Seawright, this is the basic information that serves as the foundation to people making smart financial choices for their future. The program will run from the beginning of July through the middle of August.

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