Kyle Bass: From Lucky Beginner to Bottom-Feeder

Kyle Bass was once known for his magical intuition for economics. In 2006 he started Hayman Capital Management, a hedge-fund out of Dallas. He quickly made a large fortune with this business venture, and it probably didn’t hurt that two years later he predicted the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. Bravo Mr. Bass. Unfortunately, it appears that was all a case of beginners luck. Soon after, he seemed to lose his magic touch, and with it his credibility and, apparently, his scruples – if he ever had any.

Bass quickly became a bottom-feeder, in order to make up for the estimated 30% he lost in 2014, backing thieves, blaming innocent people and making those already struggling, struggle more.

UsefulStooges shows that Bass ardently backs Argentinian president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, whom robs her own people and has defaulted on the sovereign debt of her country two times in 13 years. Her lack of economic savvy and her thirst for money has sent the country’s poverty levels soaring. However, at every wrong turn, Bass is there to make up some bogous excuse to back Fernandez.

Perhaps, most horrendously of all of Bass’ bad decisions lied in that with his alliance to GM. Over a ten year period about 303 fatalities were credited to a faulty switch that kept air bags from deploying in certain GM vehicles. OF course a lawsuit was brought forth. And in order to make good on his alliance with GM, Bass quickly sought to blame the victims of the accidents, saying they were probably drunk or weren’t wearing seat belts at the time of the accidents. He’s truly a gem.

Aside from boot-licking to line his pockets, Bass has also endeavored to swindle money out of multiple pharmaceutical companies, by challenging their patents after short selling their stocks. That means when the company’s stock goes down because Bass has tampered with its market, he makes a profit. Meanwhile, the price of medication sky-rockets to make up for lost cost, and money put forth by the pharma companies for research, goes down. Thus, people are unable to pay for the soaring prices of medications and treatment progress through research is slowed.

Unfortunately for the world, Bass is not only sleazy but sneaky, and he’s only out for himself.

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