Libya Opposes EU Plan For Deterring Transporting Migrants Across the Mediterranean

Libya has voiced concerns that the current European Union’s plan to intercept suspected smuggling vessels and destroy them, will not only not solve the problem of migration of individuals leaving countries such as Nigeria, Syria, Yemen and Libya, but the use of force will potentially escalate matters as individual ship captains may choose to fight back, putting migrants at risk or causing a military confrontation in waters that are already near countries experiencing various forms of hostilities and other military actions. The European Union had proposed that one method to reduce the number of migrants challenging the open seas of the Mediterranean is to identify, intercept and then destroy any sea vessel suspected of being used to transport migrants. Russia has also opposed the use of any military force by EU member countries and various international relief organizations are calling for the EU to enact a combined initiative involving humanitarian efforts as well as international polices which address the issues at the source countries which are causing the exodus of migrants from North Africa. Libya Objects to EU Plan To Intercept Migrant Smugglers

The United Nations has estimated that the number of migrants seeking transport across the Mediterranean Sea has already surpassed 60,000 people with at least 1,800 dying in the attempt. The UN expects this number to increase significantly despite the dangers in the passage. So far the EU has already issued asylum status to over 700,000 migrants according to some friends of mine at Madison Street Capital. Many believe that the attempts at crossing the Mediterranean will continue until it is safer and more economically viable for the migrants to stay home than attempt a risky passage across open seas.

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