Lime Crime’s Scandal Is This Years Hottest Color


When looking to add a little spice to your makeup, look no further than Lime Crime. It’s an online makeup line that is turning heads and giving women confidence. That’s because all of the products are super unique. They’re bright and fun colors. They have sparkle, they have shine, and overall they make women look absolutely glamorous.


One of the things that makes Lime Crime so great is the fact that it cannot be found in stores. This makeup is completely different than anything that you would find in a drug store. It’s higher quality, it’s made with love, and there’s so much variety. One of the products that Lime Crime is most well known for is their Velvetines.


Their Velvetines are a line of lip-wear that help a woman look flawless. The product glides on smoothly and lasts practically all day. It’s a liquid to matte lipstick that really makes lips look healthy. It doesn’t crack or dry out lips. Instead it glides on smoothly and really gives a woman confidence. According to PRNewswire, Lime Crime’s Velvetines come in a wide range of colors and a new shade has just been added to the collection.

Scandal is all the rage. It’s a rich purple-violet color and it’s absolutely perfect for this time of the year. The rich colors looks absolutely gorgeous against the backdrop of winter. Scandal is one of those colors that a woman or man can wear no matter what their outfit is. It simply looks good with everything! Scandal is a color that is bold without being too over the top. It’s a color that’s perfect for work, play, and everything in-between. This color is unique and therefore it’s something that will really help you stand apart from the crowd, no matter what event or social gathering you may be at.


Anyone can enjoy this new Velvetine shade because like the others it’s vegan friendly and cruelty-free, as The National has reported before. It’s one of those colors that everyone needs to add to their makeup collection because its unique and beautiful. Scandal is a dramatic color that can really help a person add some pizzazz to their appearance.

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