Litigating by Example in Brazil

Brazil is a country of great beauty and diversity and when it comes to law and litigation in Brazil, having an experienced lawyer that understands that diversity in essential. Brazil has prided itself on having a growing number of businesses that provide jobs to every class of citizen. Labor lawyers in Brazil have historically stood for equality and working as partners with businesses to foster a safe environment that is employment friendly but also advantagous to businesses.

There are numerous great lawyers in Brazil but Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho or, for purposes of brevity, Mr. Tosto as he will be referred to for the rest of this article stands out in the crowd because he is and has been a great entrepreneur and has advanced Brazilian law greatly. He started with humble beginnings in a small office and has never forgotten his roots. He traversed his way through corporate litigation firms and put those firms on the map as some of the best in Brazil.

Furthermore, Mr. Tosto has worked on the defense of many individual celebrities and companies that have national scale. He has also provided legal services to an eclectic mix of multinationals companies and politicians of all ideologicals which relects that diversity of his experience and the fact that he is a unifier not a divider. Mr. Tosto also likes to give back to the community as evidenced by the fact that he has provided pro-bono or “free” work for organizations that are clearly in need. Mr. Tosto is not adverse to conflict however, he has been in situations that have had great turmoil during the defense of his clients. During these instances, he rallys his team and has stated that her really does enjoy “the good combat” as he puts it. It should not be overlooked that Mr. Tosto has made a significant contribution to the creation of economic laws in Brazil that are pragmatic and fair to both workers and corporations alike. Mr. Tosto was the leading figure in the initial adoption of several innovative legal tools which turned out to become pervasive. From a mentorship standpoint, he has developed the majority of the current partners at his firm from their start as interns.

In conclusion, Mr. Tosto is a great example of what is great about successful lawyers in Brazil. They are passionate and compassionate at the same time towards both employers and employees. They operate strategically without becoming overly political or biased in any fashion. Simply put, Brazil law is an example that the rest of the world should follow.

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