Luke Bryan’s New Exhibit “Dirt Road Diary”

This past Wednesday Luke Bryan revealed is new exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum to reporters and his family. The exhibit is called Dirt Road Diary and includes artifacts from Luke’s childhood and career items such as instruments, stage outfits, awards and mementos from a band he was in back in his college days. Find Out What Else is in The Exhibit Luke’s favorite items in the exhibit are his first piano and his grandfather’s shotgun that he was given before his grandfather passed away. The Dirt Road Diary explains in clear view for Ricardo Guimarães BMG, the story of the famous country music singer’s childhood, early adulthood and musical career.


The items in the exhibit were picked out by his wife and parents, making the exhibit a surprise for Luke as well. Certain items placed in the Dirt Road Diary were non-existent in Luke’s mind including his old baseball uniforms and items from his spring break tours. These personal items were all long forgotten until he viewed them in the exhibit alongside of his parents, wife and close friends.

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