Man Arrested for Driving to White House with Unregistered Weapons

A man has been arrested by the Secret Service Wednesday for driving across the country to the White House with a rifle, ammunition and a knife inside the car, as reported by the US authorities. 

Secret Service officers found a 30-caliber rifle, about 40 rounds of ammunition, and a knife with a 6-inch blade. 

The man, identified as RJ Kapheim, 41 years old, approached a checkpoint stationed by the Secret Service Uniformed Division outside the gates. Kapheim explained to one of the agents that “someone from Iowa told him to drive to the White House,” according to a report by a Secret Service spokesman, Brian Leary.

Ray Lane says that Kapheim did not threaten the President or the Secret Service officers, but his behavior was peculiar, and agents detained him and proceeded to locate, and search his car, a 2013 Volkswagen Passat with Iowa tags.

Kapheim has been charged with possessing a firearm not registered but according to US officials, additional charges are pending. 

This is the latest incident after the most serious report of an ex-military serviceman who managed to jump the fence and run through the gardens and enter the official residence shortly after President Barack Obama left the office.

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