Marc Sparks: Business Developer For All


There are many people that have succeeded in the world of business in a variety of industries. Few people have been as successful as Marc Sparks in so many areas of business and in life.Marc Sparks has dedicated his life to helping others achieve their personal and business goals. Marc Sparks was once a struggling entreprenuer himself, but he was able to bring a company to market in a profitable way and now wants to give back to those around him.

Professional Speaker

One of the many talents of Marc Sparks is professional speaking. His messages are both for those that are starting out in business and for those that want to achieve more success in other areas. During his career Marc Sparks has performed before tens of thousands of people. Marc Sparks is a great speak that can connect with his audiences because he had to earn everything in his life through his business development.

Timber Creek Capital

Not only does Marc Sparks perform on speaking circuits, but he also helps run an investment firm named Timber Creek Capital. This business is primarily focused on providing entrepreneurs funding for their businesses, and he has played a large role in many start up companies making it in the market place. Not only does Marc Sparks enjoy the financial side of venture capital, but he also enjoys being able to interact with those that are working to succeed in business as well.

Future Plans

Marc Sparks has been very vocal that he plans on working until he is no longer able to do so physically. After publishing a successful book Marc is looking to engage more people than ever in their development journey. Marc Sparks is an active member of several community organizations, and he plans to increase his involvement in the future as he finds projects that interest him.

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