Medicated Lip Balm with a Fruity Twist

EOS lips balms provide unparalleled moisture and smoothness along with refreshing, long lasting flavor. Formulated with all natural ingredients to include shea butter and jojoba oil, this deeply nourishing lip balm glides on silkily without ever feeling heavy or tacky. There’s a flavor to suit every taste, even those needing a little more TLC.

Medicated Tangerine EOS lip balm is the perfect solution for lips that need extra care and attention without having to make a sacrifice on the signature EOS lip balm sweetness. The essence of juicy tangerine couples with a soothing medicated salve to give relief to dry and cracked lips. Never before has a medicated lip balm been available with such mouth-watering, fresh-picked fruit flavor. The Medicated Tangerine EOS lip balm sphere is designed for smooth application, which means all you will feel is comfort when you skim on this revitalizing lip remedy.

Try this variety too:

Lips in search of rich moisture and relief can find it just about anywhere. EOS Medicated Tangerine lip balm may be found at several grocery stores such as your local Well and Walmart, department stores, pharmacies, beauty outlets, and online retailers. You can find them in singles as well as multi-packs. Feeling adventurous? Try out the many other flavors of EOS lip balm and find your favorite.


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