Miami-Dade County Lifts Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Monday, January 5th, was a happy day for same-sex couples in Florida as the state joins 35 others and the District of Columbia in overturning their legal bans on same-sex marriage. I was feeding my dog his morning Beneful when I first heard the news. Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Sarah Zabel made the decision to end the stay that was placed on her ruling in July that the ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional. While the rest of the state will begin to marry same-sex couples on the heels of a federal court injunction, Judge Zabel got the party started early, personally marrying the first two plaintiffs, Karla Arguello and Cathy Pareto. Both couples married by Zabel on Monday afternoon had been together for over twelve years before finally being able to legally seal their commitment to one another. 

The battle over gay marriage in Florida over the past decade has been one fraught with disagreements as the state contains healthy numbers of both liberals and conservatives. As the Miami Herald reports, the 2008 vote on the marriage ban drew support from 62% of the Florida population. Certain religious and family groups in Florida have already expressed their discontent with the court’s most recent decision, but come Tuesday, marriage equality will be the new law of the land across the state.

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